Quality Policy

Taceser İnşaat is a whole with its employees and values.Our primary responsibility is to provide quality service to our customers.
We apply a Quality Assurance System to produce our products in accordance to usage purposes and so as not to create any risk for reliability, quality and efficiency.We assume as a management responsibility to reach this purpose, we provide all of our employees and our suppliers to participate in the system.

We make continuing and planned trainings to adopt our Quality Policy to our employees and provide the concept and principles related our quality system to be understood better.

> To use current technologies at all our process and applications and to ensure continuous development of our employees and to provide them to reach our highest standard targets in the most appropriate time, cost and quality.

> To comply the quality standards in line with expectations and values of our customers in all fields of our business activity.

> To aim to comply with requirements of social responsibility and to provide social benefits while performing the benefits of our shareholders at the highest level for all our investment and activities.
> Our policy is to provide customers with cost-effective and less profit in order to increase the purchasing power of our products.

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Address : Karabaş Mahallesi Cumhuriyet Caddesi
Ayşem1 Apartmanı No : 174/8 İzmit / Kocaeli
Phone : 0 262 332 26 32
E-Mail : info@taceser.com.tr
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